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  • Sealers (Such as Alliance Brand)
  • Stripping Chemicals
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Paver and cement dye
  • Deck-A-Drain

Professional Sealers

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Polymeric Sand

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From Start to Finish

Clermont Paver Supply can give you the right pavement and flooring solutions!

Here at Clermont Paver Supply, we value your time and business. We understand the frustration of running out of supplies in the middle of a crucial project. Such delay can cost you time, energy, and money. The real solution to this problem is to think ahead. Once you've ordered your supplies in bulk, you can proceed with any pavement work easily. The next thing you have to think about is the quality of your materials. But don't worry - Clermont Paver Supply got you covered!

Here are our products and services:

- High-grade sealers: Running out of sealers is a big no-no! So, stock up on them. We have an ample supply of 
sealers to get your project going. Our sealers are currently the best options in the market. 

- Stripping and cleaning chemicals: Do you wish to clean or redesign your pavement? Check out our stripping and cleaning agents. We pick the best ones with reasonable prices!

- Paver and cement dye: Cement holds everything in your pavement system together. This is a material that you shouldn't run out of. Just give us a call and we'll deliver the cement supplies to you.

- Sand: Sand is another important agent in any pavement project. We deliver bags of sand - just tell us how many sacks you need and we'll work it out.

- Polymeric sand: Polymeric sand is a superior material that can make your pavers durable. Our polymeric sand supplies are available in white, beige, slate gray, and black. 

- Deck-a-Drain: With Deck-a-Drain drainage system, your pavement can remove excess water easily. We sell Deck-a-Drain products at top price!

- Pavement
consulting: If you have paver supply questions, simply pitch them! We'll do our best to guide you. 

Do you need paver and hardscape solutions in Clermont? If so, you may contact us at 352-708-8184 and tell us what materials you need.