1261 Commons Court,
Clermont, FL 34711

​US: +1 (352) 708-8184
Your One Stop For Paver Supplies

Clermont Paver Supply is a reliable provider of paver supplies in Clermont. The company is known for its stalwart dedication towards professionalism and its passion for customer service. Additionally, the company also carries a large inventory of high-grade paver materials like sealers, stripping chemicals, cleaning agents, paver and cement dye, sand, polymeric sand, and Deck-a-Drain. The professionals at Clermont Paver Supply also have an extensive knowledge base; they know the different strategies of combining the materials in order to produce the desired effect. They're also more than willing to answer the questions of their clients - which are, mostly, contractors.

Clermont Paver Supply currently operates in the greater Clermont area, though it's getting requests from clients in nearby locations. While the company extends its services to anyone, its target market is general contractors. In fact, Clermont Paver Supply offers up to 5% discount for contractors who want to supply high-grade materials for their projects. Clermont Paver Supply doesn't just sell those materials to clients. Rather, the company gives ongoing advice, recommendations, and even short-session tutorials.

Do you need paver materials and supplies? Clermont Paver Supply will give you everything you need for the project!